Ashfield Healthcare

We’re a┬áspecialist healthcare communications consultancy with expertise across a spectrum of services including:

A vital precursor to any programme, small or large. We help you ensure execution is relevant, timely, targeted and therefore effective

From advisory boards to symposia, we live and breathe everything from scientific content and speaker liaison to evaluation and logistics with an acute attention to detail. Bringing new ideas and creativity to all our meeting programmes is the hallmark of our work

Creating meetings and materials that balance healthcare professionals’ educational needs with commercial requirements and which stay compliant with professional standards is what gets us up in the morning!

We identify and connect you with the right people to create meaningful, durable and fruitful relationships

Raising awareness of a disease or condition needs three things: a clear goal, physician and patient partners and energy! We have the latter and can help you define the rest in order to create campaigns that work and make a real difference at global at local levels

From developing messaging that resonates throughout the access pathway to defining what value means to patients, payers, policy makers and healthcare practitioners, we can help you communicate the value of a medicine or service to your key stakeholders

Effective internal communications are crucial to the success of a product, confidence in your company and trust in senior management. We create strategies and materials that cross boundaries and cultures that work to achieve your goals

Digital channels have swiftly become an essential part of the pharma communications mix. We work with you to explore the best use of digital platforms, how to integrate them with other campaign elements and how to create the content that keeps them fresh and engaging

Reputation management at the brand, franchise and corporate level is a key component of any communications strategy. We not only help our clients respond rapidly with intelligence to issues they face, but help them to predict and prepare for issues that may break in the future

Naturally, we have expertise in getting your message out to the big wide world, or targeting it to certain key audiences through global and UK, traditional and digital media. We measure the impact of your messages and those of your competitors through our bespoke media analysis service

As specialist healthcare communicators we understand the need for tenacious curiosity, courage to ask the tough questions, the power of listening and exhausting every angle to find and tell the incredible stories that lie within the science and clinical data. Have a look at the video to learn more about us.